There’s a reason they call the Canadian city of Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada “Winterpeg” It’s cold in the wintertime. Sometimes it’s really cold…-40 C cold.. Snow falling sideways like ice needles cold. And yet, the folks here take it all in stride. Go for walks and skate and ski on the frozen Assiniboine River, enjoy an outside tour of the Zoo Lights in the freezing night, make and have sleepovers in quinzees (look it up!) – they have FUN! Here are some images of this town in winter, accompanied by the very first LoFi song I created in midwinter 2022.

Credits: From the new Jeff Oster album “hØwling lØØn”

Written and produced and performed by Jeff Oster (@hØwling lØØn) at hØwling lØØn studios – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stereo and Immersive mixed and mastered by Todd Boston at Spatial Sound Studios – Portland, OR

Cover Art by Sammy Oster